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A Nation of Magi 

Creative Educational Platform for Creators 

Permaculture, Movement, Fitness, Healing, Music, Art & Meditation

iMagi Nation is a non-profit organization & educational platform dedicated to creating Creative Educational Workshops, Festivals and Healing services for community, women and children including those on the spectrum.


Creative Mentorship

Creative classes and one on one sessions for children and families.

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Creative & Therapeutic Education

Nurturing our children and adult's creative spirits through arts, music, movement & meditation. Teaching the basics of a variety of creative mediums, tuning into passions and forms of self-expression.


Online Weaving & Workshops

Online community weaving series and workshops featuring teachers and weavers from all walks of life. Join us in live conversations that share experiences and teachings in an open discussion forum, and take part in creative educational classes for children, families, and adults.

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