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Creative Expressions focuses on nurturing art and musical expression.

Kidnetics Movement is based on the movement arts, such as yoga, dance  and fitness.

PermaVillage develops the child's connection with nature, plants, food and the process of co-creation by taking part in the building of a self sustainable village & garden community project.

After class talking circles allow for communication with parents & peers, integrating, parents sharing tips and tricks.. 


Kreative Xpressions

Connect us to the natural rhythm of our ancestors, harmonizing in jam sessions. Vocal mantras, chantings & lullaby’s. Drums, guitars, didgeridoos, maracas, singing bowls, gongs and flutes.

Kidnetics Movement

Body, movement and breath. Yoga, cardio & physical strength, dancing techniques & free flow movements. Balance & Grounding through breathing a meditation. States of awareness through relaxation


Permaculture & Village creation. Doing our to part in creating community & sustainability. Growing plants &edible gardens, creating environments & spaces, building with recycled materials. Design, Arts & Crafts.

Talking Circle

After class, in circle open discussion and communication, to resolve home issues & miscommunications. Kids & parents sharing their points of views, learning to handle the most extreme of situations. Mothers sharing tips & self experience, kids expressing their frustrations. Creating community support while making new playmates.


90 min One-one home sessions evaluated around the specific needs and creative passion. Finding their form of self expression, learning to focus on tasks, managing their behaviors. Building relations, guiding them to gain self responsibility, home & social communication. Self reliance & independent to manifesting their dreams. To express & nurture their individual gifts through creative play. Including the arts, behavior modification, tutoring, basic living skills and parent training.


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