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Thank you for boarding iMagi Nation, this is your captain speaking, Gato Ohm. 


This is an universally broadcasted message in reply to your SOS.


As we fasten our seatbelts to begin to enter the New Age of Aquarius now that we have surpassed many collective lessons we are ready to embark in the total awakening of the human race. Our nature with the planet is one of love and co-creation, our focus and attention in service to the whole, using our creative passion to contribute to the betterment of society. We can achieve balance with our environment through education. Education based on creativity, expression and collaboration. 


iMagi Nation is the seed of a new nation of magi’s or creators, the youth that will be responsible for recreating a new world. Why it is essential to pave the way and protect the new generations. We are letting go of an old system that preyed upon our children’s dreams and imagination, our divine source of inspiration. 


In these times of separation our children are left with a need for community to learn, grow and experience the joy of play. Building a safe container for children to feel free of judgement and indifference. As humans, our design is for social communication in order to contribute to the whole. It is time to free ourselves from our social constructs and focus our attention into service to the future of our communities. 


We are at war with our own collective ignorance, resistance and attachment will only cause inner turmoil, letting go of our idea of control will open the doors to true service. When we have achieved true love for our projection of humanity it is then that we fill our hearts with eternal gratefulness and the beauty that is the universe. 


It is our time to create our reality as mirrors of creator, taking charge of our own experience and give our service to evolution, creation and the youth. We are all one interconnected organism in the web of life, we all share the same experience called life, unity is our divine right and absolute truth. Only our ideas and concepts of the other separates us. 


To awaken is to continue the work of our ancestors, pushing forward in the experience of survival, lifetime through lifetime, always leaving our contribution to our collective story of creation. Respecting and honoring our elders as they carry our wisdom, culture and history of our creation story. We carry the collective pain of our ancestors suffering, through our service we can honor that pain and heal our collective karma. Only then can we move forward as a collective and free our children from our past mistakes. 


Let’s come together to create a new world for our children, a world where they are free to be, to love, to create and celebrate with gratitude the great gift that is life itself. Let’s honor and respect our great mother by taking care of her children. Her greatest joy is to see us United in Creative play. 

To fully embody divine inspiration,

Creative iMagiNation!


 The intergalatic interdimensional traveler

“The Cosmic Kitty”

at your service!


The Aumtistic Gato Ohm,

Stay Weird