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iMagi Series

Experience the birth and growth of the S.Fl conscious community in a 14 episode serious featuring the collectives most prominent talent, teachers & healers celebrating & cocreating together as one tribe.

Ep.14 Birth of iMagiFest

Video & Editing by Gato


Ep.13 Tribal Union: I AM LIFE

California Tribe
by Tony Moss & David Daniel 
Video & Editing by Gato


Ep. 12 Tribal Union : The Non-Conformist Duck

California Tribe
Video & Editing by Gato



Ep.11 Lotus Portals

By Sofia Moon & Gato 

Video by Gato & Sofia Moon

Editing by Gato

Ep.10 Vibe Tribe

By Felipe 

Video & Editing by Carolina Francesca

Ep.9 Friends of Nature

By Sofia Moon, Gato & the Tribe

Video & Editing by Juan Carlos Gallo

Ep.8 Ancestral Roots

by Gato & Sofia Moon
Video & Editing by Gato

Ep.7 Earth Day

By Gato, Princess & Medhu 

Video & Editing by Gato

Ep.6  Dec 21, 2012

Winter Solstice

By Gato, Gina & Medhu

Video & Editing by Gato

Ep.5 Village Hunting

By Gato

Ep.4 Let it Go by Nina & Friends

Video & Editing by Gato

Ep.3 Creativity Festival

by Carmen Garson & Gato
Video & Editing by Gato

Ep.2 Masquerade Ball

by Carmen Garson & Gato
Video & Editing by Gato

Ep.1 Soul Chunklets

Video & Editing by William Santana

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