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Education, Prayer & Celebration

as Revolution 2021

Online community series of weavings and  workshops, featuring teachers, weavers and artists from all walks of life. Reviewing major current issues in our society and classes for family and community to creatively express and process them. Bridging Community East and West to co-create a new paradigm through Education, Prayer & Celebration.

Health,Wellness & Aumtism

Week 1

Sharing our views on Health, Diet, Mental Health, Autism, Big Pharma, Vaccines, Environmental Toxins, Diet, etc. To gain perspective how to heal ourselves physically, mentally and prevention from future disease.

Climate Change

Week 2

Exploring the different aspects of climate change and how to maneuver through it's effects. Polar Shift, Animal agriculture, deforestation, overpopulation and more.

Social Unrest

Week 3

Speaking our truth as we go deeper into causes of separation, social media, protests, race relation, gender equality, judgement, canceling and America's Collective Karma.


Week 4

Seeing through the reality of a pandemic, it's origin, effects and the hidden agenda, the media influence, Bioengineering, Medical Malpractice, Testing,. Exploring treatments, solutions. Painting a bigger picture.

Economy & Politics

Week 5

A crashed economy and the new monetary system. Elections, mandatory laws and exploitation of human rights.

Child Trafficking

Week 6

Child sex trafficking, slavery and pedophilia, it's involvement in hollywood, the church politicians and why its not covered in the news or media.

Prayer, Education & Celebration

Week 7

Moving forward and creating the new normal through the use of Educational Platforms, Ceremonies & Festivals as a form of creativity, celebration and bridging community. 



Join us weekly in live conversations sharing our collective experience, teachings, intentions and songs in an open discussion forum. Community & guest speakers weavings, sharing their individual gifts, truths and prayers on each subject.

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Week 1

Exploring the art of permaculture and it's Medicinal, Nutritional, landscaping and aromatic properties of plants and how to work with them. Self Sustainability and Recycling. 


Week 2

Sharing teachings in different forms of yoga and guided practice by experienced practitioners. 


Week 3

Exploring different forms of dance and movement, it's forms of expressions in celebration,  healing and reaching connection with the divine.


Week 4

Exploring healing modalities, Sound, Massage, Reiki and the use of medicinal plants to bring healing to our loved ones, our homes and our community.


Week 5

 Meeting musicians and experiencing their talent. Learning different instruments, Mantras, Songs. Re-exploring music as a form of healing, celebration and connecting to our Ancestral Rythm.


Week 6


Week 7




Join us every week for family and kids online workshops to process current events as a collective through creative forms of self expression. Teachers sharing their wisdom and experience weekly on each subject.

Week 1: Permaculture & Sustainability $11

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Weaving Wisdom   

Weaving Wisdom is an online educational platform, focused on supporting wisdom keepers from all walks of life to share their invaluable earth-based knowledge. By weaving the wisdom with these teachers and our students, we can begin building a bridge from the ancient ways of living to integrating them with our modern world.  Our content supports people in the cultivation of a deeper connection to the Self, The Earth and Spirituality, to enhance overall well-being for all life. 
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